Born In 2018

The Siberian Kiwi

The Siberian Kiwi was born on October 19th 2018. It was any icy-cold winter day in Akademgorodok, dubbed the Silicon Valley of Russia. Amazed at the quality of Russian staple foods, a thought came to mind. Where do the Eastern-European expats living in Indonesia get their buckwheat? After extensive market research we found that they were smuggling the stuff in suitcases. Seriously. The most common type of smuggler were grandparents, friends and random people on Telegram groups. After meticulous planning, we purchased 3.5 metrics tons of lightly toasted, premium quality buckwheat. After 6 months of testing, we found product-market fit. Instead of the usual consignment set-up, we went the other direction with direct to consumer on demand delivery. Everyone is happy, even the smugglers.



Without compromises.


Everyone is to be treated with the upmost respect.


To everyone.


Do everything properly.


Delivery at a time that best suits you, our customers.


Swiftly and according to data.


  • High quality

    Provide high quality imported
    food products to which the quality
    is reassured through credible certifications and tests

  • Key Product

    Provide certain key imported products
    catered to the local market demands which must be supported
    by extensive market research and internal customer surveys
    that fit with our product investment criteria

  • Competitive prices

    Provide all products at extremely competitive prices
    (be the most affordable whenever possible) by providing unbeatable
    value against the competitors offering at all times

  • Sustainability

    Reduce environmental harm caused by the existence of our business
    through innovative operations, packaging selection and carbon
    footprint substitution equivalence.

  • Distribution

    By building solid professional relationships with
    all customers

  • On-demand delivery

    Offer on demand delivery at the convenience
    of our customers at all times

  • Company image

    Emphasizing a brand and company aesthetic
    that align with our customer values by instilling confidence
    through enticing environmentally safe packaging design,
    solid branding and professional service ethos.

  • Data focused

    Collect, use and analyze data whenever possible
    in order to improve the business functions and or to
    provide our customers with better products and services.

Our Team

Jody Taylor

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Lina Naibaho

Managing Director

Imam Abdillah

Community Engagement Representative

Nur Laila

Senior Financial Controller

Diva Armani

E-commerce Associate

Indah Permatasari

Sales Representative

Ni Komang Lestari

Sales Representative

Antonius Ricky

Sales Representative

Jerikho Dapa Kadi

Warehouse Associate

Erni Pala

Warehouse Associate

I Made Adi J.

Driver Coordinator

I Made Wira A.

Delivery Associate

Haris Tistrayana

Delivery Associate

Made Aryatama

Delivery Associate


International Logistics & Transports


Marketing & Advertising Partner

Cilex International

Logistics & Trader

Our board of advisors have worked directly for

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