Buckwheat Meatballs

Buckwheat and meatballs with creamy tomato sauce

Buckwheat Meatballs

Buckwheat and meatballs with creamy tomato sauce



½ kg of minced meat

½ an onion

1x slice bread

½ cup of milk

1x egg

2x cloves of garlic

1x teaspoon of dried paprika

1x small serving of salt


1x large carrot

1x red pepper

½ an onion

4x cloves of garlic

1x cups of water

6x table spoon of canned tomato paste

1x small serving of salt

1x small serving of grounded pepper

1x small serving of chili flakes


1x cup of lightly toasted (brown) buckwheat

2x cups of water

Olive oil

1x serving of fresh parsley

How To Cook

Preparing the vegetables

  1. Prepare all vegetables first. Peel, rinse, and shred carrot.
  2. Peel, wash and press garlic.
  3. Rinse, and slice red pepper.
  4. Peel, rinse, and cut ½ an onion into small pieces for sauce, and shred ½ an onion for the meatballs.

Cooking the buckwheat

  1. Add 2x cups of water into a saucepan. Bring it to a boil.
  2. Reduce heat to medium to low and then add the 1x cup of buckwheat to the boiling water. Let it boil for 15 min, stir from time to time. Put the heat on low until ready.
  3. Once finished, pour the water with buckwheat into a strainer. Rinse well under cold running water. Let the water drain from buckwheat and then transfer into a plate cover with a lid and set aside until ready.

Preparing the sauce

  1. Add 2x table spoons of olive oil onto a sauté pan and then add onions. Sauté onions on medium to high heat for 5 minutes, or until golden brown on the edges.
  2. Add shredded carrots and pressed garlic and sauté it for 5 more minutes.
  3. Then add 3x table spoons of tomato sauce and sauté for 5-7 minutes mixing constantly; paste needs to be incorporated with the vegetables nicely.
  4. Place all sautéed vegetables into a medium saucepan. Add sliced red pepper, a cup of water, 3x more table spoons of canned tomato paste, 1x small serving of salt, 1x small serving of ground black pepper with sautéed vegetables. Stir it all together and set aside. Add the desired amount of chili.

Cooking the meatballs

  1. Place ½ kg of minced meat in a bowl. Add 1x egg, 1x small serving of salt, 1x dried paprika powder and 1x small pinch of pepper.
  2. Dice ½ an onion
  3. Crush the 1x slice of bread and put into a bowl. Soak the bread with ½ cup of milk for 5 minutes.
  4. Add the diced union and soaked bread with milk to the minced meat and mix until smooth.
  5. Form the meatballs with your inner hands one by one.
  6. Heat oil in a deep-frying pan and fry the meatballs.
  7. Once meatballs are ready, remove from pan and remove excess oil.
  8. Place meatballs on a plate, apply the sauce, add buckwheat and serve with a small bundle of parsley.