Siberian Kiwi Bali

Sweet buckwheat porridge with almond milk


1x cup of lightly toasted (brown) buckwheat.

3x cups of milk.

1x small serving of butter.

1x small serving of sugar.

1x small serving of honey.

1x small serving of salt.

1x small serving of crushed walnuts

How To Cook

1.     Add buckwheat to a boiling pot of water (we suggest 2 cups of water only), cover and let it boil until swollen.

2.     Once the water has mostly evaporated, add 3x cups of milk to the pot and stir.

3.     Shortly after, add butter and sugar to your liking. We suggest to add a sprinkle of salt to balance the flavors.

4.     Once butter has been dissolved, remove pot from stove and onto a plate.

5.     Add honey on top and crushed walnuts.

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